The future belongs to those that believe in the power of their dreams  - Eleanor Roosevelt

We believe in the power of your dreams and through this scholarship, we aim to turn your dreams into a reality!

Recipients of the Women Enabled Enterprise scholarships are entrepreneurs operating high potential start-ups that are driving the narrative in their respective fields. These entrepreneurs are spearheading our economy into recovery. 

Fit this description? 

Then be sure to submit the below requirements for a scholarship review. 

*Scholarships are not guaranteed and depending on your income viability you may be granted a full or half scholarship. 

Scholarship  Application

Please take the time to fill out the registration form below. Below are the minimum program requirements.

You must be a womxn of colour(Black, Mixed, Asian, Indian, Coloured)
You must be over the age of 18
You must be based in an African country
Must be a product based business

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