I see you...

...hustling for your business. You’ve worked so hard to build it to where it is now, but you are so ready for your next level. You are so sick of playing in the small business pool… you’re thinking, it’s time to take your products from your living room, to retail stores AND international markets!

Let me guess...

You are burnt out from working everywhere in your business.

You are digging deeper into your personal finances to fund your business.

You spend time stressed about where your next paycheck is coming from to pay your staff and yourself.


You’re DONE with the price negotiations and sometimes lack confidence in your pricing and the value you provide.


You end up with excess products due to lack of inventory management or can’t accurately forecast the demand so you end up missing sales due to stock outs.


You deserve more.

You deserve to be mentioned in a room full of opportunities...

Opportunities to connect you with retail buyers that could help get your products in a retail store, on shelves.

Opportunities to go from solopreneur to the Managing Director, leading the charge with your team.

Opportunities to be the 1st in your family to build generational wealth.

Opportunities to get your products exported internationally.

We are talking about legit commercialization.

  • So commercial you have a team to make your products.

  • So commercial, you are stressed about making enough products for the wholesale orders.

  • So commercial, you’re speaking to Venture Capital firms about investing in your business.

  • So commercial, you are a master at inventory management.

  • So commercial, you have a surplus to pay for the upfront supplier costs.

  • So commercial you go from being employed to being the employer!

You have felt it for a while now, but it’s time to SCALE. It’s time to invite abundance in a way you’ve never seen in your business before. Money that outlives you. Money that lives generation, after generation, after generation after generation.






To help you build the next biggest brand in the African retail landscape. 

To end extreme poverty by investing in women entrepreneurs like you, who are going to create dignified jobs for the people who need it most.


Melinda Gates says, “When we invest in women, we invest in those who invest in everybody else”. 

And it starts with you. 

We are raised to find jobs, not opportunities.

Don’t get us wrong, we respect every hustle that brings income, that feeds families but let’s be real. You are made for so much more. More than a restrictive 9-5 schedule. More outlets to let your creative, maker energy flow.  But just that is not enough. Just creating a job for yourself is not enough. You see the opportunity in building wealth that not only changes YOUR life, but the MANY lives of others.

That’s why we don't teach you how to save pennies around your business. We create a platform for you that allows you to expand on your product based skill set and explore new income generating opportunities to get into e-commerce, retail chains through wholesale and international markets. 

We give powerful women like yourself, the platform to exercise autonomy and take charge of the value chain. To form a movement of women who grow their own micro economy.



So, would you rather play small for decades, or dream BIG and start creating your retail empire now…?

We thought so! You are the visionary entrepreneur we assumed you were!

Apply Here:

Makers to Groundbreakers - Application Form

If you follow our system and execute on what you learn from our multi-disciplined entrepreneur coaches who have already built successful businesses, you will stop wasting so much of your time and energy thinking about all the ways you can divide yourself so you can be at the markets and make your products and work with the suppliers, and you will start working your business like the top notch product brand of the African continent that it is...

Join Makers to Groundbreakers and you could double (or triple) your income in the next year.

  • 55% of the women we worked with reported that they doubled their small business revenue after the program.

  • 84% reported increased profitability after the program (that means they generated a larger margin! Yaaas!) .

  • 31% employed an average of two more people into their organization. 

It’s time to blow up your brand. Big time.

Apply to the Makers to Groundbreakers program here 


Yes, you can be a CEO to a household brand too, Sisi.

Maybe you think growing a business with an international footprint sounds amazing, but it’s not actually possible for you. That it’s something other people get to do, you know, the other people with a better education, family wealth, and high rise office space. 


Why WEE (Women Enabled Enterprises) are different

We are focused on the whole woman. 

  • Your mental health matters. Us women are tasked with an impossible task of caring for everyone but ourselves.

  • We create access via a virtual platform, any woman in Africa has the opportunity to be a part of the program

  • All WEE women get an equal opportunity to pitch for finance for their businesses to Venture Capital firms. 

  • Our curriculum is synced to a mobile app, it helps to build your business plan from start to finish BUT we all know a business plan doesn’t build your business...Access to markets do!

  • Access to markets like wholesaling your products locally and exporting your products internationally. 


Not having enough money leaves women like us with no agency over our own lives, feeling financially and emotionally broke, trapped in abusive relationships( physical AND emotional), buried in debt, unable to create the kind of retirement we want for us and our parents, and limited in so many ways. Some of us, subject to gender based violence and most of us know a woman who has been affected by it or died as a result of it.

This is unfair and not right on so many levels.

Let’s change the story together.



Everything that’s included:

  • 12 weeks of retail entrepreneurship skills building

  • Group Mentorship and Coaching (soft skills and industry specific)

  • Weekly women entrepreneur guest speakers

  • Peer group coaching

  • Community (Facebook/WhatApp)

  • Markets ( International and African e-commerce, Wholesale)



Apply here.


How could double the income change your life?

Makers to Groundbreakers is designed to double your income in the first year after the program.



Don't just take it from us, listen to a few testimonies from our past entrepreneurs

Click the above link^

You will be heard here, seen here, and expected to succeed here.


Makers to Groundbreakers is a place where you can be surrounded by like minds. Brilliant like minds. Entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, from different countries in the African continent and every profession you can think of, and community principles that elevate every woman! 

And despite our diversity, everyone in Makers to Groundbreakers has one thing in common. 

We want to scale, in a BIG way!


“I am so busy with my business, I don’t think I’ll have time for this.”

First off, no one is too busy, you make time for the things that are important to you. Is a business that is growing important to you? Yes. Is a business that outgrows your skill set and vision important to you? Of course! Having “enough time” is an acquired skill. You can learn how to manage your time, co-ordinate your priorities and schedule to match your vision. If it doesn’t fit the vision, it’s temporarily no longer a priority for you. 

Whatever is stopping you from making serious commercialization moves—whether it’s not feeling completely worthy, lack of community, knowledge gaps when it comes to accessing new retail sales channels, breaking into exporting internationally, finding your true value proposition, and how to leverage your social media, or a negative mindset about money (it’s okay, we’ve been there!), Makers to Groundbreakers has got what you need.

We are determined to help you succeed.

Apply here

How It Works


1. Register for the program (takes less than 10mins!)

2. Put your best foot forward at the interview (if you are invited to one after you apply).

3. Be coachable! Listen to and most importantly, EXECUTE on what you learn from our coaches!

4. Blow your brand out of the water. Scale in a massive way. Get your products in local  and international retail 

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