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Empower a Woman, Uplift a Community

Women Enabled Enterprises strives to help low income women of color artisans in African countries grow their craft business for self-sufficiency through a virtual, mobile-phone based, retail entrepreneurship skills building program, access to international markets through our USA online marketplace (ShopConsciously), micro-funding from VC impact partner investors and ongoing alumni support.

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Home: Who We Are


Access to a cohesive set of resources launching an idea to a healthy business or a challenged business to  thriving!

12 week Retail Entrepreneurship Training program

These 2 hour workshops once per week give our participants the basic skills to manage their businesses to profitability whether they come with an idea or an existing business. This program is unique because we believe in addressing the whole woman, working through challenges African women face including those that are emotional and social in nature. Main topics include Idea formulation, Readiness, Market Analysis, Operational Skills and Financial Planning.

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Home: What We Do
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“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.”

Kavita Ramdas

Our Results

Since 2019 we have supported women entrepreneurs across the African Continent and propelled them to scale and grow their businesses. This has resulted in the creation of jobs and the following results: 

84 %
55 %
28 %

WEE entrepreneurs increased profitability

after graduating from our programme. 

reported that they doubled their small business revenue. 

employed an average of three or more people into their business. 



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African Women's Rights Advocate

Through the unwavering support of our African Women's Rights Advocates, their efforts have enabled women across the African continent to benefit from our scholarship program, which encompasses training, support, mentorship, access to international markets, and micro-funds. Their dedication and invaluable contributions bring us one step closer to realizing an equitable world for women of color.

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"As CEO of How Women Lead, I live by our organizations Credo which is to have a culture that unapologetically promotes women. We believe that championing women starts with each of us. We also believe that diversity and inclusivity of voices make us better – it’s just and right. We center women of color in all that we do. This is why we support the cause to advocate for the rights of African Women."

Julie Castro Abrams I CEO I How Women Lead

Get Involved

Join our community of monthly donors that are contributing towards ending extreme poverty in our lifetime. 

Through our sister company, ShopConsciously ordinary people are able to empower communities by simply becoming consumers that care about how their products were made and those who are passionate about creating dignified employment for underserved communities in African countries.

Be a part of a movement that is shaping Africa's talented women entrepreneurs as a subject matter expert, guest speaker or pitch panelist. 

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